Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Following directions. This is something that I can be really good at or really bad. The week went really well…until it didn’t. I was following all the rules – planning snacks and meals, tracking the food I eat and the water I drink, reading my motivation cards. And then it happened. The weekend struck. You’d think with the holiday smack in the middle of the week this would have been an easy week, right? Not so much. Frustrations at work and other influences made this a difficult week and I was so ready for Friday.

We did what we normally do, stopped at a local watering hole and unfortunately I discovered their wine slushy. Rats. Those things were good. Yes, you read that right – I had more than one. Then there was the food truck but surely those tiny little gourmet burgers wouldn’t do much harm, right? Egads. This was all followed by a healthy dinner – lots of vegetables, a little bit of fish and some brown rice. Hooray for our side! That is until we saw the ice cream. Crap. I was very, very human.


So this morning’s weigh-in was a static 0 pounds down (I had been down 2 pounds yesterday but it’s the Saturday morning weigh-in that counts). I am still counting my blessings that it wasn’t worse but I worry a little about the delayed retribution of the scale.

The fact is we humans are going to make mistakes. I could blame it on the fact that my food guard dog is several states away making the temptation to “cheat” more real but the bottom line is that I merely cheated myself. I now have a choice – I can continue to cry in Richard’s beer or I can pull up my rather loose pants and get back in the game. I’m choosing the latter.

So it’s back to homemade food so I know what’s in what I’m eating, logging everything that goes in my mouth (food and drink), and moderation in all things.

On a happy note I’ve figured out how to add exercise into my life and I now have a chair weightlifting routine. I believe it’s working judging by how sore my arms are today.

Tonight could be a challenge as we will be attending a youth group pool party. To be safe, I’m taking a salad and possibly an additional vegetable. Tomorrow is dinner with family which means more salad. Tomorrow night should be Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts – if the recipe is good I’ll post it on the recipe page. I want to play with it and reduce the carbs and fat first.

Lather, rinse, repeat – or plan, eat, log, and exercise. It really doesn’t change. Healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Food in its purest form (not packaged or refined). Here’s to a better week this week.


A woman in her mid-fifties trying to learn to be a loser and get healthy.

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